Hallo, What's This? A Hobbit Christmas in the Mitt

Session #3: Christmas Day, 2012

Same d&d time, same d&d table..

Session #3

One year later, the adventure is resumed…

The party confers with Clarice about the crystal. She wants them to take it to a trusted associate named Lwaxanna, who they can find in or near the village Sweed. They begin their journey, heading south down the road.

The bard Shlackton examines some of their treasure from the previous adventure. He identifies Sparkles’ Snake Figurine, revealing one its 2 powers: when “Alla Talla” is spoken, the figurine becomes a magic weapon with the chance of poisoning its target. He also reveals the elf Elkin’s special darts to be Darts of Electricity (bonus electricity damage). And his Magic Harp is a Harp of Charming, with the power to cast Suggestion to one enemy each round.

Along the road they meet travelers heading north. A gnome merchant and his wife chat with Sparkles for awhile about recent activities. Dragons have been sighted. Bizarre storms are ravaging the southern coast.

During the night Elkin overhears travelers on the road and spies a fancy carriage, protected by knights on horseback. A regal woman shouts at her knights to investigate, but Elkin is spared.

In the morning, they witness a pig being chased through the woods. He looks at the PCs, and says “help me!”, just as 3 orcs burst through the trees. The party easily dispatches the orcs. The pig says his name is Fughton, and asks for help being restored to his humanoid form. His master, a great mage, lives in a tower nearby. The PCs accept the Quest.

The party reaches a crossroads, marked by a large statue. The 9’ tall statue is mounted on a low pedestal overrun with moss. It looks ancient.

Fughton the Pig tells them to take the road heading east into the foothills. The cleric Arno isn’t sure this quest is worth their time, and casts a spell to ascertain’s its value. “Some risk, some rewards” is gleaned. They decide to carry on.

(more to come…)


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