Hallo, What's This? A Hobbit Christmas in the Mitt

Session #2: Christmas Day, 2011

All I want for Christmas is Level 2!

Session #2

This is where the party really got underway. In the first session the characters were introduced, and the players decided that their PCs were already acquainted with each other. For whatever reason, they found themselves traveling down a seldom-used country road. They heard shouting, and sounds of fighting. A farm was under attack by goblins! The PCs saved the farmers, and met Clarice, who asked them to help her recover an heirloom stolen by the goblins. They agreed. That was session #1.

Next day: The PCs tracked the goblins to a cave. They explored the entrance and were attacked by unseen assailants. The PCs ran deeper into the cave until they found themselves in a room where a couple monsters were chained to the wall. Bugbears! The chains withdrew, and the bugbears attacked.

After slaying the bugbears, the party entered a larger cavern, where a goblin wearing a crown was shouting orders. They defeated him, and the rest scattered. Searching behind a throne, they discovered a secret passage. This eventually led up a ladder that only the bard (and one other?) was able to climb. Shlackton looked into a birdbath-sized dish, which was like a looking glass into another place. He saw a room, and a cloaked figure became aware of him, and suddenly the image went dark.

They recovered Clarice’s possession from the secret treasure room, as well as other treasures. Mission accomplished! But the PCs were not done. They explored some side passages, and in one they found a blind goblin who was fleeing in panic. Only the smallest PCs were able to go deeper in the passage. It led to a large cavern, mostly taken up by an underground lake. In the middle of the lake they saw a tiny island. As they approached the water’s edge, a bizarre creature rose from the water and hovered above. It’s name was Zhong guo ren. It didn’t like the dwarf Arno very much, but agreed to “trade” with the PCs if they entertained him. They did, and traded one of their magic items for the Harp on the lake’s island.

The PCs returned back to Clarice’s farm, full of treasure and experience. She asked them to take her heirloom – a crystal – to an associate of hers who lived in the south. They agreed. Thus ended Session #2.


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