Hallo, What's This? A Hobbit Christmas in the Mitt

Session #1: Twas a Week B4 Cmas

it rhymes, most of the time

Twas a week before Christmas,
In 2011,
When they rolled up some characters,
It was D&D heaven.

The former DM
was passing the torch.
No longer a human,
He’s now Arno the dwarf!

The table was stacked,
with all manner of food,
Till she smashed the table good,
Because she’s Magnatrude!

On the rooftop they heard
The pitter patter of feet.
Is it Santa or reindeer?
No, it’s Sparkles McPhee!

Then down from the chimney
Fell party member fourth.
A bard, with his harp,
Call him Shlackton, of course!

Fifth but not last,
in this world most like Tolkien,
is a newcomer to d&d,
Let’s welcome Elkin!

Now the party is gathered,
their stats have been rolled.
With backpacks and bedrolls,
The Gang hits the road!


Cor_Bob Cor_Bob

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